What is MariEMS?

It is accepted that 90% of world trade happens by sea, as a result it is not surprising that in 2007 the global shipping industry estimated to have emitted 1,046 million tonnes of CO2, 3.3 percent of global emissions, and in 2015 this reached some 6 % of world total.

In a recent paper (Ziarati, 2015) it has been reported that the IMO had taken a series of actions which led to the introduction of several new regulationssuch as the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SSEMP) & Energy Efficiency Operational Index (EEOI), while the MARPOL new regulations has imposed strict emissions caps in emission control areas.

Due to the increasing complexity of the regulations and technologies governing energy efficiency the IMO developed a programme for training the trainers for energy efficient ship operation but currently there is no job specification, and no training specifications for the role of those who are expected to be the trainees.

The purpose of this MariEMS Partnership is to develop an energy management job and training specification, and the development and implementation of an online learning and assessment system for Energy Management Training and ensure it is ECVET compliant for use by seafarers, cadets and port energy management.

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